Getting involved on campus is a huge way that students can have the most enjoyable college experience possible. There are multiple ways Missouri Western students can find out about events and activities on campus, as well as how to get involved with them.

However, finding out about scheduled events can be difficult and confusing if you don’t know where to look.

“The Griffon Weekly” is a newsletter sent out to faculty each week, but it can also be found on the Missouri Western website with a simple search. The page covers everything newsworthy on campus on a weekly basis.


The Missouri Western Soccer Club started as a Facebook group in 2014 and has since grown into a competitive team of people who share a love for the sport.

In 2017 the club competed in their first season of play. Like any other team on campus, the squad traveled to surrounding schools to compete against other intramural teams.

The club is coming off its COVID-19 season. William Mason, club president, worked alongside previous president Konnor Wilson to abide by regulations and guidelines.

“Last year was pretty scattered,” Mason said. “We only ended up playing one (game), but with all the…

By: Dylan Grable

Claudia’s Kitchen is a restaurant based in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The restaurant is owned and run by Brigid Read. The menu includes homestyle foods such as meatloaf, chicken tenders, and burgers. However, it seems like this home might have the windows boarded up and the door lined with yellow tape.

Claudia’s Kitchen, named after Read’s daughter Claudia, is located in the basement of the Saint Joseph Courthouse, which also happens to be located in the downtown area. She is not serving up justice, but housemade burgers and mashed potatoes.

One of the issues that Read is facing is the ongoing…

By: Trevor DiMauro

Claudia’s Kitchen is located in a more unique spot for a public restaurant, being found in the basement of the Buchanan County Courthouse. Her restaurant didn’t actually start as a restaurant, but as a hobby to help raise funds for her son’s basketball team. She would set up a table to sell her tamales at the car wash fundraiser, but knew that she had something going when she ended up making more money than the car wash. Sometimes Brigid would even go door to door selling her Tamales for extra cash. Since then, she has continued to grow and expand…

By: Cory Hintz

Claudia’s Kitchen is a cozy, homestyle food, local restaurant located in the bottom of the courthouse in downtown Saint Joseph, Missouri. Like many other local businesses here in Saint Joseph, Claudia’s Kitchen was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The owner of Claudia’s Kitchen, Brigid, was on the brink of closing her doors for good, when she posted one last farewell message on her Facebook account. What happened next was simply astonishing, public support came in waves helping her bring back her business from the hole she found herself in. …

Brigid Read, the owner of Claudia’s Kitchen, stands outside the entrance of her dining room.

Brigid Read is the fearless leader of Claudia’s Kitchen. This incredible woman has had a business minded head and heart since she was a child.

“When I was probably about seven or eight years old, my parents had a ma’ and pa’ restaurant,” Read said. “Then it wasn’t for fun, it was because you lived there. We had to learn how to cook. My job was to make 50 pounds of potato salad to last a week.”

Before she started her own restaurant business she was busy running her own salon and boutique.

“I was pretty good,” Read said. “I…

As Missouri Western and the world start to move on from the Covid-19 era, students are finally able to look forward to life after the pandemic. We are starting to see a return to normalcy in so many areas and that’s extremely exciting, especially to those that are returning to next semester.

In the past year, students have missed out on countless opportunities and have had to step away from some of their favorite activities. …

Well Griffs, it’s that time of the year again. We’re nearing the end of the semester and while we’re all busy finishing projects, presentations and papers, it’s equally important to remember to register for next year.

It’s a process that is far less stressful when done early. Worrying about what classes to take next year while in the midst of finals week sounds like something out of a horror story. For those that don’t want to experience this horrible scenario all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Set up a meeting with your advisor
  2. Receive your pin…

Greg Hatten has been around the world and back again, yet he’s found himself back here at Missouri Western.

Hired for the purpose of rebranding the university, Hatten has had a multitude of prior experiences and jobs that have set him up to come back to his roots and help his hometown.

A St. Joe native, he only ever wanted to work with Hallmark in Kansas City. Though he had an MBA with a journalism undergraduate, that dream job didn’t come easily. He started at the bottom and worked his way up to become the vice president of sales. …

Missouri Western offers two engineering degrees: construction engineering technology and manufacturing engineering technology. The students in these two fields have been a part of the manufacturing club for two years.

Senior, Craig Spilker, established the club back in 2019. Having been a part of a similar club at his previous school he wanted to bring his experiences to MWSU and engage his classmates.

“We’re just passionate about making things more efficient,” Spilker said. “That’s what we do, we improve processes.”

When the group brainstormed ideas for their next event, newer member, Hosanna Moore, drew upon her love for ancient history…

Elora Maxwell

Elora Maxwell is a public relations major at Missouri Western State University. She plays soccer, watches old films, and loves classic country music.

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