Counting Down to Opening Day at Phil Welch Stadium

Elora Maxwell
2 min readApr 13, 2022

The Mustangs have won the MINK League 7 times since the league began. Behind the success is a constant stream of talented players and coaches but beyond that is a crew of incredibly passionate people.

The Mustangs won its seventh title in 2021 after a hiatus due to the pandemic.

The leader of it all is Ky Turner. Turner has been with the Mustangs since the very first season and has been in multiple roles including General Manager. Buying the franchise at the beginning of 2022 he now bears the title of CEO.

Turner’s love for St. Joseph and for the team has paved the way for his success at Phil Welch. He has hired great people like Assistant General Manager, Tyler Lupfer, who started as an intern and returned a few years later to continue with his career in sports. Turner is also in charge of hiring interns, many of which have gone on to have great careers in multiple industries.

One man that has been at Phil Welch since before the Mustangs were even an idea is Stan Weston. He is the Director of Stadium Operations and is beloved by all who know him.

A recurring character in promotional videos and at the bbq stand on the party deck, Weston is an irreplaceable part of what makes the Mustangs run so smoothly.

The Mustangs are coming off of a MINK League championship and are going into the new season with multiple returners and plenty to play for.

The St. Joseph team will make its 2022 debut on May 1. After three home games to start the season, the Mustangs hit the road for a three-day road trip to face the Nevada Griffons, Joplin Outlaws, and the newest MINK team, the Carroll Merchants.

Those that are interested in following the team on the road this summer can follow the map below.

For more information visit The Mustangs Facebook page. To buy tickets visit their website or the box office.

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