Halloween Haunts in St. Joseph Missouri

It’s officially Halloween week. With a vast history that dates back before the Civil War, St. Joseph is what some might call a historical hotspot.

With so much history some believers see Missouri Western’s home town as a great source of paranormal activity.

Whether you’re a believer or skeptic there can be interest and Halloween fun found in these historically ‘haunted’ attractions right here in St. Joseph.

The house on the hill, the Beattie House, is known to be one of the most haunted places in the city. Located at 1120 Main St. the house on the hill was built in 1854 and has served many purposes since then.

This location offers overnight stays for groups of 5 or more people. You can book your investigation at thebeattiehouse.com/booking. Keep in mind, the website quite literally warns you that you will experience things not of this world, that you can expect uncommon sights, sounds and sensations.

Local psychic Mary Ann Podrasky told thebeattiehouse.com that the property might be haunted but that those who wish to enter shouldn’t be fearful of the spirits that walk the halls.

“If you take in the history and take in the current, I think you’ll see that the worlds do overlap,” Podrasky said.

The Glore Psychiatric Museum is located along Frederick Avenue and is an award-winning museum that showcases the 145-year history of state hospital and mental health treatment. It has been investigated by famous paranormal investigators and is thought to be haunted.

HauntedPlaces.org chronicles all the known haunted places in the world. They have articles on 5 local locations, including The Glore.

“In the basement the motion detector is often set off when no one is down there. Unexplained sounds heard here include a woman’s voice, whimpering and crying. Some have seen a shadowy man who passed them muttering and other witnesses were frightened by a man’s apparition running along the basement hallway and shouting.”

If you’re up for a road trip you can take the mile drive to one of the most haunted towns in America, Atchison Kansas. Visitatchison.com considers their own town as a ‘ghostly hotspot’.

“For more than a decade, paranormal enthusiasts, brave travelers and those who like otherworldly diversions have been flocking to Atchison, intent on exploring its rich haunted history.”

The Sallie House makes its home in Atchison. Many call it an evil house, a portal to hell. Famous investigators have been flocking to it for years. Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara, of the Buzzfeed Unsolved series, famously tried to spend the night in this haunted house and were so spooked they checked out early.

Atchison offers a haunted trolley tour around town in October. The remaining dates are almost sold out so act now if you want to partake in a tour of haunted cemeteries, houses and other buildings.

So whether you’re a skeptic or a believer in the paranormal, it’s fun to get scared every once and awhile. Step outside of your normal and step into history and the paranormal at any of the places mentioned above. Who knows, maybe you’ll experience something worth sharing around your next campfire.



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Elora Maxwell

Elora Maxwell is an aspiring author. She loves traveling, watches old films and loves classic country music.